Worth a look this week

Facebook past its peak? Techdirt reports that Bill Gates has deleted his profile, and points out that Facebook has followed a typical pattern for social networks – “a huge rush of growth…..a flat period where people… begin to question why [they are using it]…. Then people realize that…. there really isn’t that much to do there”. And via LibraryStuff, court cases where posts on social networks have been introduced as evidence.
Jenny Levine reports on some successful games nights in academic libraries – this time meaning geocaching and board games, not computer games.

Teaching information literacy through fantasy football.

A good future for librarians? So say Business Week and US News (via What I Learned Today and the Annoyed Librarian respectively; one of whom is more enthusiastic than the other – can you guess which is which?)

Michael Casey describes instances where professional/managerial/backroom staff have denigrated front-line staff, and says that we all share responsibility for this, if we don’t speak out against it. I’ve only worked in one big library (I’ve been sole-charge, or nearly, otherwise), so my experience is limited, but I have to say I haven’t seen any examples of this behaviour. I applaud Michael’s comments, anyway.

Using Greasemonky to put an “email us” form on the ‘no results’ page of a catalogue (The Shifted Librarian).

Annoyed Librarian takes on the hideous term ‘guybrarian‘. Just so you know; anyone who refers to me like that is no longer my friend 😉

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