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Is Twitter the future of news?

Techdirt asks whether Twitter and other blogging services could replace partially traditional journalism, by enabling on-the-spot reporting by amateur eyewitnesses. The article suggests that “if mainstream news outlets can get better at tapping these kinds of decentralized news sources, they … Continue reading

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Why free is the future

Chris Anderson’s article in Wired discusses why free is the future for businesses. Guess who already gives stuff away for free? (Via several sources including Librarian In Black). He doesn’t write directly about libraries, but it’s worth a read for … Continue reading

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Reasons not to change

Sarah Houghton-Jan posts an image showing 50 (bad) reasons not to change. Worth checking out to see how many of these you use. Although I can’t help feeling that some of them could be good reasons not to change. If … Continue reading

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