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Library fines way up in Wellington

From my friend Mark Greening’s blog, Greening Wellington City, I learn that library fines are increasing significantly in my home town of Wellington – just after local elections. Adult book fine goes up from $0.60 to $0.80 per day (33% … Continue reading

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Games in libraries

Are public libraries turning into video game arcades? Should they? Steven Cohen responds to an article by Dave Gibson. Jenny Levine makes some good points in the comments to Steven’s post. Steven posts a follow-up. (Parenthetically, it’s sad that both … Continue reading

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New from New Zealand

The Digital Futures summit is underway in Auckland, with some very impressive names presenting (including Tim Berners-Lee and Chris Andersen, though both only by video). Watch online here, read the programme here (PDF) and read Russell Brown’s commentary here (thanks … Continue reading

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From the people who brought you Koha…

Last year at the National Digital Forum, Horowhenua Library Trust demonstrated a new product called Kete. It’s since gone live on their website. Kete is “a community built digital library” that enables people to upload and share their stories, memories … Continue reading

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