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Blyberg on L 2.0 – a response (part 2)

Following on from my last post, I’ll point to some of the different reactions to John Blyberg’s post on the debasement of Library 2.0. Annoyed Librarian has the sort of post you’d expect, full of talk of bandwagons and twopointopians. … Continue reading

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Blyberg on L 2.0 – a response

John Blyberg argues that Library 2.0 has been debased by (some) librarians and by vendors looking for a quick technology fix. This is really one of the best posts (and comments threads) that I’ve read in a long time. Really. … Continue reading

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Late January roundup

I’m somewhat late here, but these are worth reading if you missed them… Meredith Farkas links to a couple of interesting posts on libraries in social networks, by Kate Sheehan and Andrea Mercado: both argue that librarians often don’t understand … Continue reading

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Games in libraries

Are public libraries turning into video game arcades? Should they? Steven Cohen responds to an article by Dave Gibson. Jenny Levine makes some good points in the comments to Steven’s post. Steven posts a follow-up. (Parenthetically, it’s sad that both … Continue reading

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Social networking a bust?

Sarah Houghton-Jan links to a University of Michigan survey (PDF) that found “76% [of respondents] would not respond to a library presence on Facebook or MySpace, either because existing methods of contact were sufficient or because these tools are social … Continue reading

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Thursday roundup: a varied collection

Noise zones at the library – a clever way of keeping all users happy (TameTheWeb). Sexy librarians of the future will help you upload your videos to YouTube (ReadWriteWeb). A funny title, but a vital read. Absolutely nails what we … Continue reading

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Production values, music in Facebook (and a few more music posts)

Labels “concede file-sharing isn’t so bad”, sign deals with social networking music site (Techdirt). Warner is going to sell DRM-free MP3s on Amazon (BoingBoing). The SixtyOne is a music discovery game – could be an interesting way to find new … Continue reading

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