This week s running

Going to start posting about each week’s running, rather than my attempt last year to write about every single run, which let’s face it isn’t that interesting to anyone, even me.

So this week I made the call to enter the WUU2K (Wellington Urban Ultra) for the third time. They had a little competition where you could win entry by uploading a video of yourself enthusing about the event. I tried but didn’t win and frankly didn’t deserve to. So I pulled the trigger one day before early bird registrations closed.

The WUU2K seems to be going from strength to strength and I’m guessing there will again be an increase in the number of entries, which is a great result for an excellent race.  I’m also impressed that the website now incorporates a welcome in te reo .

So the consequence of entering an ultra is that you need to run far.

Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes I ran easy round the Bays, 5 or 6km only. Nothing much to say. Tuesday I tried a second run, again not pushing myself, going Plimmer Steps, Terrace, Kelburn, Karori. Lots of uphill but taking it nice and slow. Would have been completely uneventful if a guy hadn’t been knocked off his scooter right in front of me. He seemed fine, but a couple of us called emergency services just in case and stayed with him. Impressed by the services – within minutes a cop had turned up, followed by two fire engines (we’re all still a bit confused about what they were doing there) and the ambulance. All handled very professionally.

Wednesday was ANZAC Day so I got to run trails instead of roads – put in about 70 minutes on the Skyline. Very happy with my pace, kept up a good speed the whole way. Trial was PACKED, I’ve never seen so many walkers up there, but they were all happy to share. The cows were less willing to move, and inspired a few nervous thoughts – not generally a great idea to to get too close to someone else’s calf.

Another reasonably easy run on Thursday, notable only for the number of people who passed me going seriously fast – I wasn’t going full out, but I don’t normally get passed much on the Bays. Must have been at least 10 people going past me at 5:15/km or so.

Hill sprints up Carlton Gore Rd on Friday. I hate hill sprints. They must be good for me, right?

Saturday I pushed myself. The longest run of the year, two segments of the WUU – Makara Peak and the Wind Turbine. I was trying to run by heartrate, so whenever I went over aerobic level I slowed down/walked. Got round the Makara segment comfortably (seconds off a PB) but struggled a bit by the time I was coming back from the Turbine. Was going very slowly and feeling lightheaded. I’d drunk at least a litre of water and eaten, but obviously not enough.

Sunday was a Long Run, covered 19km in about 2 hours on the main road to Khandallah. Again, the end was a struggle (maybe taking water and food would have been a good idea, I think I’d started burning fat). But it completed an 80km+ week. I think I’m on track.


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