Eurotrip – Pecs, 30 October 2013

We are perhaps over the “see all the things!” approach that characterised the start of this trip. Today was very slow and leisurely – we decided on a walk around Tettye, the part of the Mecsek Hillls on the edge of Pecs. We took filled rolls and strolled up, seeing the ruins of a 16th century bishop’s castle and a church with a quite interesting cruxifiction scene outside, before climbing further up the hills. The paths were well-marked and easy to climb, and we made it as far as the foot of the TV tower that dominates the Pecs landscape, but at that point it had started getting colder and we weren’t dressed for the weather so we headed back.

We had a quick tour of Tettye Cave, which was mildly interesting – they’d made an effort to make it more interesting and educational, but it was basically a hole in the ground with few really interesting features. The giant model dragon, installed 100 years ago when the cave was marketed as “the mouth of hell” was kinda funny.

Ate gyros/kebabs for dinner, followed by cake. Supposedly the best cake place in town, but kinda disappointing. Lonely Planet not very reliable again. Watched English football on TV and went to bed.

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