Running diary 15 September 2016

  • Type: road
  • Terrain: uphill
  • Training plan: none
  • Pace: slow -aerobic
  • Area: work to home via Wadestown
  • Distance: 10.5 km
  • Time: 1 hour 3 minutes
  • Weather: mild evening
  • Injury/pain:left foot sore on outside mid. Not convinced these shoes are very good.
  • Listening to: Johnny Foreigner. ‘Tis OK.

Back to running via Wadestown and to running 5 times/week. Again trying for very slow, easy run, aiming for a pace of 7 minutes/km on average, which I’ve arbitrarily decided is a good proxy for a target road ultra pace. Running faster than this though – it’s difficult to drop that slow, even on hills, over this sort of distance.

Ego trying to get in the way when I was overtaken by a woman on Wilton Rd, who wasn’t herself going fast. Had to remind myself to hold my pace, no reason to speed up. Several very fast runners coming down Wadestown Hill; who are they? Where are they going?


About simonchamberlain

New Zealand librarian and music fan, living in London.
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