Running diary: 20 August 2016

Going to start throwing up some short diary entries on my runs. I’m assuming no-one other than me is ever going to read this, so… 😀

  • Type: trail
  • Terrain: hilly
  • Training plan: none
  • Pace: steady
  • Area: Makara Peak
  • Distance: 7.6km
  • Time: c45 minutes
  • Weather: sunny, cool
  • Injury/pain: none

Ran up Montgomery to the Skyline, then across to Makara Rd. Up Varley’s track to the first ridge. Took a new route after that, and ran T3 instead of the usual 4WD track to the summit. Enjoyed T3, a grade 4 track that had some mildly technical obstacles aimed at mountain bikers. Had to keep an eye and ear out for riders descending but only passed two. Ran down North Face and JFK, two enjoyable tracks that I’ve only run once before. Saw two more riders, both coming from behind me but not while I was on the track. Went down the Allington Rd linkup and then down Allington to Karori Park. Lots of energy until I started climbing up Karori Rd by the Park, and suddenly felt like I couldn’t be bothered continuing.

A good run: it’s nice not training for anything and being able to make decisions on where to go based on how I’m feeling at the time.

About simonchamberlain

New Zealand librarian and music fan, living in London.
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