Eurotrip – Belgrade, 8 November 2013

Another slowish day in Belgrade. We visited the Tesla Museum, which was interesting but really only worth a short visit. They have a couple of interactive exhibits where they generate high-voltage electricity using Tesla’s own devices, and you can see the electricity jump between different parts of the device, and hear the buzz and crackle of the electricity. One of the exhibits demonstrates how neon tubes can be lit up just by being close to the electricity source, and another shows the use of high-voltage electricity in wireless remote control. There was a short film and a brief exhibit on Tesla’s funeral, and that was it (most of the museum is in archive storage in climate and humidity-controlled conditions).

We did some more wandering after that, and ended up visiting the Ethnological Museum, which had some nice exhibits of folk culture – lots of 19th century traditional costumes from around the Balkans, as well as replica houses, both village and city houses. We were pretty much the only people in the museum. All other museums were closed either permanently or temporarily.

We ate at a traditional Serb place which was a bit disappointing – the food really isn’t anything special (lots of grilled meat and breaded chicken) and they messed up the order slightly. Place was apparently quite popular/legendary, but it didn’t seem great to us. They did have musicians wandering between the tables playing guitar, fiddle and (somehow) double bass, and that made it interesting, especially when musicians across the road started up with some Irish style tunes.

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