Eurotrip – Szeged, 1 November 2013

Slow start, breakfast at the hotel – allegedly a buffet, but they actually did table service (I’m guessing there are so few guests that they don’t want to put out the buffet). It was strange – you received a huge portion of whatever you ordered. Juice? A cup, with a whole litre jug of juice. Cereal? An eating bowl, with three smaller bowls each containing a standard portion of a different cereal, for you to choose from. Along with a litre jug of milk. We ended up having to leave most of what they gave us, it was somewhat ridiculous.

So I knew today was a public holiday, but didn’t realise that all the museums would be closed (they were open (indeed some were free) on the last public holiday).  The centre of town was a dead zone, and after walking down to the bus station to make plans for tomorrow (international travel by bus, to Serbia – only 10km away) we didn’t have much to do. We visited the synagogue, which was interesting enough – I don’t think I’ve ever actually been inside a synagogue, so it was interesting to compare it to a cathedral. A lot of similarities, but no pictures of human figures, just trees and books and other objects – presumably symbolic, I must do some reading on this.

We considered the folk museum but it was closed, so was the paprika museum. So we wandered some more around town but eventually decided on a quiet day at home.

Had a big lunch at the local fish restaurant on Roosevelt St. Ordered somewhat at random, I got fish and chips, basically – grilled fish with potato wedges. Really nice…Rhonda ended up with fish with a creamy sauce containing shrimps. A bit rich,but also good. Too full to eat anything else now, sitting in the room hoping it cools down.


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