Eurotrip – Keszthely, 27 October 2013

Today was a very pleasant sunny day, so we took our bikes from the B&B and went cycling. There’s a very good cycle path that runs for some 210km around the lake, flat and even, so we headed off westwards.

Not much to say about the day – it was enjoyable riding, there were quite a few other people out. We stopped reasonably frequently to relax and read on the shore. By chance we found a fine spot – a church at the top of a hill with good lake views, and picnic tables amid life-size wooden statues of the cruxifiction scene, showing Christ between the two thieves.

Sadly the path often led away from the lake, so we were often riding along paths bordered by holiday houses or holiday camps, rather than having a lake view. It was odd being there at this time of year – the camps all empty, the soccer fields unused, no-one staying in the houses. There were plenty of fast food places, but all closed except one, that was only selling croissants and “pizzas” (doughy bread with a few pizza-style toppings).

Back in Keszthely we went to a restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet as ‘the place where all the locals eat’. We were literally the only ones there in this huge restaurant. Not a bad meal, fairly basic but that’s what you’d expect from a small-town restaurant, even one in a tourist town. I had bean soup (which was actually more like goulash with huge chunks of meat) and breaded turkey stuffed with fruits with potatoes and cranberry sauce, Rhonda had steak with chipped potatoes and loads of onion rings.  The restaurant walls were covered with paintings in a range of styles, from ripoffs of V Van Gogh to pastiches of Blake (just possibly they were prints of actual famous paintings, but they looked original). The waiter came back to check on us constantly, unsurprisingly as we were his only customers…

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