Eurotrip – in transit, 20 October 2013

Today was always going to be a long one. We had to get from Zakopane back to Krakow, an uneventful 2 hour bus ride. But later in the day we would train to Katowice before getting on  an overnight train for Budapest.

Krakow was uneventful, other than spending longer than we would like trying to fit our luggage into the lockers at the bus station, and buying Snickers bars in order to have change for the machines. We grabbed lunch at Moa Burger (a long wait, but so good…and I think this time they were playing Flight of the Conchords). We strolled up to the castle hoping to fit in an hour or two of sight-seeing, but it was closing earlier than the guidebooks said. Instead we wandered the castle grounds and then along the river in the setting sun. We finished up with dinner at Glanojad, the vegetarian restaurant near our hotel.

We then faced a 2 hour, 70km train journey to Katowice. Which was fine, but just like riding the Johnsonville line for two hours in 1980s carriages while it stopped every few minutes at a station. At Katowice we had a 50 minute wait before boarding our overnight train to Budapest. Thought the station might be intimidating (at midnight on Sunday) but there were plenty of Poles and others doing the same thing as us – night trains stop all night at the station so it was busy. By now (after one such train) we’re experienced overnight riders, so we were quickly into our bunk beds and getting ready for sleep. This time we remembered the earplugs….


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