Eurotrip – Trebon, 7 October

Trebon is a Czech town close to Ceske Budejovice, known mostly for containing the fish farms that supply carp to the entire Czech Republic. Carp being the main meal that Czechs traditionally eat at Christmas. It’s also part of the Ťreboňsko Protected Landscape
Region, which means it’s surrounded by interesting walks. We figured on a relaxing day following one of the more obvious recommended walks, a 12km stroll around one of the carp lakes.

Not much to say about it really. It was a very nice relaxing day, unfortunately overcast so my photos aren’t great, but the lake and the surrounding countryside were very pretty. The path departed from the lake at various points, going through forest and meadows and near farmland. There was plenty to see including the burial chapel of a member of the Rosenburg family, and a lot of little roadside/household shrines. They take the public display of religion seriously here…There were also some interesting panels explaining the countryside and how humans had impacted on it.

A good day, and it made me wish we were spending more time in this area.

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