Eurotrip – Prague 11 October 2013

Today it rains and rains and rains, so we decide to hit up an art gallery. It’s in a modernist/brutalist/functionalist building called the Veletrzni Palace a bit out of the centre. There’s a decent range of French impressionism as well as some Czech artists that I’m not so familiar with, but some of whom impress me. There’s a smallish modern collection with some good Picassos as well as Klimt and Schiele again, and some more recent material that doesn’t do much to excite me.

On our way home it rains almost like nothing I’ve seen before (Prague has flooded badly a couple of times in recent years, and I can see why).

We finish the night at a Pixies gig! The first time I’ve seen them, of course, with the new lineup, and the first time playing the new songs. I’m happy with the setlist – maybe five new songs and at least a couple of old ones that I haven’t seen them play before, including I’ve Been Tired. The band are tight and sound great, but there’s absolutely no audience interaction – not even hello or goodbye – other than Dave and (new) Kim waving to the crowd.

The venue itself is decent, like an old theatre with two levels of seating go all the way around the three walls. They still allow smoking inside, which isn’t terribly pleasant but I cope. The crowd is good in some ways – there’s a decent mosh pit going up the front, with people looking after each other if they slip, and some crowd surfing. I’m in the middle of it for much of the show until I run out of breath. Further back people are singing along happily. On the other hand, when I tried to get back to the front after a bathroom break I met a lot of hostility from a few people, who just stared me down when I tried to get past them. So some good, some bad. And an amazing crush trying to get out and to get things back from the coatcheck. I really wouldn’t want to be there in a fire.

But still: I saw the Pixies!

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New Zealand librarian and music fan, living in London.
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