Weimar Day 2

A quiet start to the day. We go for a run through the park, I manage my first 30m run without knee pain in a long time. Back to the hostel for a decent breakfast and the offer of a €30 discount as compensation for being given a shared bathroom when we’d paid for en suite. I protest that that’s too much and we agree on €20. We eat a delicious breakfast surrounded by a handful of men clad in black – we realise that these are the shouting drunks of the night before, and probably bands who played at the local heavy metal night the night before.

We stroll the town for a while and check out the Bauhaus Museum. It’s good, but it’s surprisingly small given that Weimar is the birthplace of the movement. We had more interesting exhibits in the Bauhaus exhibition at the Barbican (it included costumes among other things). I guess that the`exhibition`will`be`better`when`the`museum moves into its new, larger premises. Lunch is delicious, Rhonda has gnocchi followed by chocolate cherry crisp, and I have less-good bratwurst and tiramisu. Browsing, I’m amused by a shop selling take-out coffee: “regular: €3.40; mit ‘bitte’: €2.90” (in other words, say ‘please’ in German and you get a discount…one to help the locals and the polite tourists…

We wander again through the park and find the Bauhaus house, designed for professors and their families to live in, the only one of its kind built in Weimar. The attendant answers some questions for us, quite interestingly.

A quiet night, with no drinking or otherwise. Dinner is rolls and cheese and salami. The number of shouting men is reassuringly low.

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