Euro Trip: Ceske Budejovice Day 2

We figure on relaxing today. Our initial plan is to go for a run early on, but we don’t even manage that. I stroll to the supermarket: again, the town seems dead. Lots of really nice buildings and streets, but no-one around; a few shops that look dead even though they are open. The architecture is wonderful, but you get the sense that there’s not much money around at the moment. And to be fair this is a blue-collar town. The supermarket is a Tesco, but without much of the range you’d get in England – fruits are basic and in season (other than grapes) and there’s not a lot of variety.

We stroll the town square (large, but not particularly interesting) and climb the Black Tower (tall, not particularly black, but has some great views) before heading home for lunch and the real meat of the day: a tour of the Budweiser Brewary (obviously, that’s the actual Budweiser, not the American beer that copied their name because it was a mark of quality). I try out my Czech on the guy at the counter but he looks at me blankly, so I switch to English. The tour group is over-large, and we get a dual English-Czech tour which is hard to follow. I’m kinda bored, but surprisingly Rhonda liked it OK. And they did give us a beer at the end…

Back to town, we go for a quick run around the park before dinner, which is suprisingly good pizza (I say surprisingly because Tripadvisor basically says that this town is a wasteland for good food and service). We go for a drink at a place that I think is called Music Bar (I learn subsequently that this is just like how you’d say Sports Bar – there’s nothing special about the place, they just play (recorded) music rather than showing sports or being a quieter venue). Soon after we arrive they switch from a pop TV channel to some thrash metal – not sure if this is coincidence or trying to get rid of us. Either way, we leave after one more beer.

Rhonda goes home, and I go off to an AC/DC tribute night (I have to see some live music on this trip!). It’s reasonably good – the guy doing Brian Johnson is pretty good, and the Angus gives it everything, though he doesn’t look too much like the original. The crowd are slow at first but end up going mental, lots of jumping around and cheering, devil’s horns and so on. And they get a chant going of An-goos! An-goos! They’re also very polite, so it’s a good night overall. But I forgot to wear earplugs, and I’ve been suffering since.

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