Dresden Day 2

Our second day in Dresden we sleep late(ish). Rhonda leads me on a run down by the river. The day is sunny and crisp, the path is smooth and the Germans use it very logically, everyone walks/runs/cycles on the right (compared to London where you are constantly weaving in-between and around people). The path sits alongside a large rugged green space, which bemuses me at first until Rhonda explains that it’s the flood plain – this river doesn’t have manmade banks, so they build a long way back from it in case it floods.

Rhonda heads to the supermarket for food but it’s closed for a public holiday, so we eat sandwiches and coffee from a local shop before heading into town. We spend a few hours at the Neue Gallerie, which contains 19th and 20th century art, mainly German and French. There’s a bit too much romanticism for my taste, but some decent impressionism (Monet, Manet and Gaugain along with more works by the Germans such as Leiberman).

We walk around central Dresden and see the famous cathedral. which was basically destroyed during the war and now serves as an anti-war monument. The inside is beautiful, baroque decorations all over the altar and organ area.

Ate dinner at a Russian place called Raskolnikoff, which was really nice. Decent staff who really made the effort with us not speaking German. We ended up in the smoking section as the main section was full, which was unfortunate, but not enough to put a real downer on the day. I think we may have got the price wrong and tipped nearly 50%, but oh well, it was cheap and I appreciate the waitress’ work, so good luck to her.

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