Wednesday roundup

Interesting posts I’ve seen this week:

Search for the answer, not the question – Hidden Peanuts. A discussion of search processes: “Assume the answer to your question is out there, and think about how the answer might have been written”.

Who judges what “good” search results are? – Librarian of Fortune. “we info pros are far more data-tolerant than most people. Wading through page after page of search results is just fine with us” – and we forget that our clients aren’t like that. (We want recall – don’t miss anything, they want precision – ensure everything they get is useful).

Introducing One-Pager – Walking Paper. You remember how a few years back, there was a lot of talk about ‘sucky’ OPACs and library websites? Well, Aaron Schmidt has done something about it – built a “library website template that allows your patrons to find what they want”.  It’s simple, it’s designed for mobile devices and to allow patrons to do what they want, fast. (It’s deliberately not interactive – “[w]hile we value two-way communication with patrons, we value usable library websites more. Patrons are better served by being able to easily find what they want than by being able to leave a comment”. Hear hear).

Six Reasons the Google Books settlement failed – NY Review of Books (via Library Stuff). Goes into some depth, and discusses alternative models for digital libaries seen in Europe, and how they might apply in the US.

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