Today’s reads: Instapaper; eBooks

Everything I know about Instapaper, a concise and informative introduction to this tool, which enables you to save webpages for later reading, on a range of devices (via The Shifted Librarian).

The Librarian is the Rockstar: David Lee King on advertising and promoting your staff, not just your stuff.

Inside Higher Ed (via TameTheWeb) on reading with a Kindle – “by 2017, the majority of new book sales will be digital”. Hmm. E-books are still only about 1.5% of US book sales (by dollar value): source (2 page PDF), but growing very very fast (as you might guess). I’m not sure if 2017 is right, but we’d certainly better be ready for this to happen soon (perhaps in some environments, such as academic libraries, before others – public libraries with a high population of elderly people).

And for a lot lot more on e-books, see the Librarian in Black’s series of write-ups of the eBooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point conference (latest one here, work backwards for earlier posts).

I have to admit, I’m starting to wonder about getting an eBook reader – the Kindle is down to £109 now, which is almost within the price range that I’d pay. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m loving the Kindle and Kobo apps on my Android, perfect for reading on the Tube.

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