Pew Typology of Mobile Internet Users

(via Library Tech NZ). The Pew Internet & American Life Project has a new report out, on the different ways in which people make use (or don’t) of mobile/wireless ICT. As is common for Pew, they’ve divided users into a number of typologies, which broadly break down into those who use mobile ICT regularly, and those who don’t. While I’m often sceptical of Pew, I did think that I fit into one of their groups pretty well (Desktop Veterans – those who spend plenty of time online but don’t use the mobile internet much).

As you might expect, Pew is somewhat negative about those of us in the non-mobile-ICT group. But from my perspective, not having this technology isn’t a great loss: I’m very rarely mobile for very long. I’m either at home, or at work – both with good desktop access. My commute is 30 minutes, but most of that is spent walking (the rest by Tube). There isn’t a lot that I can do in 10 minutes or so on the train that can’t wait until I get to the office.

Mobile access would be good for navigating London, maybe, or for checking movie times/restaurant reviews, that sort of thing, or the odd bit of fact-checking that occurs when you’re sitting in the pub and a question comes up. But there’s no killer app for me, yet. My £10 phone lets me text and call my friends, and listen to the radio. For now, that will do.

Press release; Report.

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