Twitter for internal communications – Social networking for lawyers – Google search rank

Tame The Web has a post on the use of Twitter for internal communication.  Sounds like it could work better than IM, which was something we’re thinking of using at MPOW.

Legally Minded  is social networking for US lawyers. It also has resources about technology, careers etc. Could be interesting – it’s not just targeted at lawyers but at all legal workers (librarians aren’t mentioned specifically, but I’m sure we’re in there under ‘legal support staff). Via OPL Plus.  Another potentially interesting site is Rate A Partner, where lawyers and clients can rate the partners of different law firms. Given that it’s anonymous, it’s hard to see how useful it could be (the obvious risk being that disgruntled employees could misrepresent their own firm’s partners, or that rivals could do the same thing…users would have know way of knowing if any criticism was legitimate).

Google has changed its search options so you can rank your results (obviously, you need to be logged in). I’ve used this a little bit, just to tweak results so they’re more useful for me. For example when I search Law Library of Congress, I really want the LLC’s ‘Guide to Law Online’, but I can never remember what it’s called. Of course, when I type that, I realise that just bookmarking the page that I want would be easier, even though I regularly use 4 or more different PC’s.Via Phil Bradley, who has some concerns.

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