Music Roundup

I’m back to reasonably regular posting. My apologies to the two people who left comments on my last post; I had over 10K spam comments, I was trying to delete those and approve the good ones, but somehow deleted the good ones as well. I’ve turned comments off temporarily, until I can install anti-spam plugins. Right now I’m just clearing up some items that I’ve got saved in my Google Reader. Seeing  as I’m in one of the live music capitals of the world, I thought I’d start off with a roundup of some music-related posts from the past few weeks/months. This Unshelved strip made me smile, and will be appreciated by any fans of the Wellington (or Great Britain) Ukulele Orchestras.Techdirt notes that CD sales are down 14%.And points out the flaws in EMI’s lawsuit against MP3Tunes. (wherein MP3Tunes is being sued for linking to MP3s online; but EMI is posting many of those same MP3s itself, for free). More Techdirt: this time news from back home that New Zealand musicians are opposing a law that makes ISP’s responsible for policing piracy, and assumes that if someone is accused of file-sharing, they are guilty.  Although looking at the source site, I can’t see any musicians involved, so I’m not sure where Techdirt got that from.Techdirt also reports on the MPAA supporting the idea of ISP’s kicking off users who are accused of file-sharing. From ReadWriteWeb: the best selling album on Amazon last year was available as a free download. (technically, all albums on Amazon are available somewhere as free downloads; I suspect they mean ‘free and legal’ ;)). Via RWW again, HypeMachine has the music blog zeitgeist for 2008 – the top 50 albums (aggregated from music blogs), available to download as radio shows featuring songs from the albums and interviews with bloggers, or play the full album in your browser. It looks good, but judging by the top 50 I’d say there aren’t too many black music blogs/bloggers: Kanye and Lil Wayne is about your limit if you’re looking for something that isn’t white rock/dance.Audiolizer lets you take your iTunes with you, writes RWW, who also suggest other streaming music sites. And recommend Mufin for better music recommendations in iTunesPhil Bradley recommends Songza.Warner Music wants more money for having songs on YouTube, and musicians aren’t happy (Techdirt).   


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