Late January roundup

I’m somewhat late here, but these are worth reading if you missed them…

Meredith Farkas links to a couple of interesting posts on libraries in social networks, by Kate Sheehan and Andrea Mercado: both argue that librarians often don’t understand the cultural context of social networks, even if they understand the technology.

Librarian in Black’s Top Tech Trends for 2008 (the presentation from ALA also blogged by Lauren Pressley).

Also via Librarian In Black, Trailfire, basically a tool for people to create pathfinders to websites on a particular topic.

The Library of Congress is now making its images available via Flickr, enabling users to contribute additional information about the images (The Shifted Librarian;

Michaels Casey and Stephens on how a transparent library should cope with anonymous online criticism.

Micheal Stephens links to a Read/Write Web article on 10 common objections to social media – with answers.

The Google Generation may not be so good at Googling, after all (via LibraryStuff). Some food for thought here for libraries (the article discusses a report (PDF) sponsored by the British Library and JISC).

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