Production values, music in Facebook (and a few more music posts)

Labels “concede file-sharing isn’t so bad”, sign deals with social networking music site (Techdirt).

Warner is going to sell DRM-free MP3s on Amazon (BoingBoing).

The SixtyOne is a music discovery game – could be an interesting way to find new music (via BoingBoing).

And a shout-out is due to the iLike application on good ol’ Facebook, which might just give a run for its money – like last, it allows users to share their music tastes, check out upcoming concerts, download free MP3s, (and of course do all this socially, so you can see what concerts your friends are going to). It also has a nifty news service – basically a river of news from your favourite bands, including details of new albums, tours, and bulletins posted by the band. Very nice (and, of course, it’s embedded in Facebook, where the users are already…. 😉 ).

Music producers are now mixing for MP3 (Rolling Stone). Obviously, mixing for low(er) quality speakers has always been an issue (referred to by one producer I knew as “big JBL land” – what sounds good on the nice JBL speakers in the studio might sound different on a cheap home system or Walkman*). But mixing for MP3s? Ugh. I want music mixed for people who want to listen to the music, not hear it as background noise. (Actually, why not mix it both ways? That could be a bonus for the person buying the CD – a mix designed for the CD).
*It was the 1990s – no iPods yet…

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