New from New Zealand

The Digital Futures summit is underway in Auckland, with some very impressive names presenting (including Tim Berners-Lee and Chris Andersen, though both only by video). Watch online here, read the programme here (PDF) and read Russell Brown’s commentary here (thanks to Jon P on the VUW internal staff blog).

Kawerau is the first community in New Zealand to benefit from the Aotearoa People’s Network, which provides free access to broadband internet services through public libraries to small rural areas (National Library).

Archives New Zealand have placed a selection of old New Zealand films online, for viewing (though not downloading, I think).  The films seem to be mostly (or solely?) documentaries. A nice feature is that the site is built on a wiki, and viewers can add their own descriptions of each film. A perfect example of combining authoritative cataloguing and the wisdom of crowds. (The first link goes to descriptions of the films, the second to the films themselves).

The government has launched a web standards wiki (National Library blog).

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