US case law online

Via BoingBoing comes news that 1.8 million pages of federal case law will be made available for free online. While this won’t provide the value-add that Westlaw or Lexis do, it still looks at first and second glance like a great resource for those without access to a big law library, and will no doubt be useful for NZ law firms, many of whom don’t subscribe to Westlaw or have access to hard copies of US reports.

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2 Responses to US case law online

  1. Sri says:

    LexisOne has been free for years– it doesn’t provide the capabilities of a full lexis subscription, but access to millions of pages of (americentric) federal and state caselaw.

  2. Simon Chamberlain says:

    Sri, what on earth are you doing reading this? Good mention of LexisOne – I just found out about it. Obviously I’ve got access to the full Lexis with bells and whistles, but the free online product is pretty good too.

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