Noted briefly

Jon Udell: “In an online world of small pieces loosely joined, librarians are among the most well qualified and highly motivated joiners of those pieces. Library patrons, meanwhile, are in transition. Once mainly consumers of information, they are now, on the two-way web, becoming producers too. Can libraries function not only as centers of consumption, but also as centers of production?” (via TameTheWeb).

Judith Siess: faculty members want online, not print – and overwhelmingly so. (Worth noting though that the original source is Ebrary, a company that provides electronic content to libraries. Which of course doesn’t mean that the claim is wrong, just that the source has a vested interest in it being right).

Jessamyn West: presentation at Michigan Library Association: What Works: More My Library, less My Space (unless My Space works for you). Which seems sensible. And wins huge points from me for including a picture of the O RLY? owl on page 4 of the presentation, an image that is pretty much burned into my retinas since someone started posting it dozens of times a day on a forum I moderate.  But I digress. Go read.

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