What's on your business card?

From the blog of my new(ish) colleague, Timothy Greig:

[quote]I encouraged the students to stop by and visit me in the library, and handed out my business card with links to the 50 Books list, my LibraryThing catalog (which is very DMDN heavy), and my contact details.[/quote]

I love the link to the LibraryThing catalogue.

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1 Response to What's on your business card?

  1. Thanks for noticing, Simon!

    I’m always thinking about ways to get students and staff engaging with me, and with the library’s resources, after the fact. I like the idea of handing out something small and pocketable like a business card with a url on. We have those great Avery stickers at work, and it’s a moment’s work to print out some cool stickers to stick to the back of your card. It looks even better if you create some colourful templates ahead of time.

    Check out these simple ones I made just for advertising my contact page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timothygreigdotcom/1329809706/

    In this case they’re stuck to the outside of my moleskine notebook, but I can whip up cards like this before a reference presentation to hand out. I hope the library doesn’t think I’m wasting colour ink!

    Another idea: for new staff at A&D we usually hand out a big VUW information packet filled with boring brochures. How about if instead we gave them like a chocoalte bar (Like a Kit-Kat) with a cool sticker and a URL to a comprehensive and neat-looking “info for new academic staff” web page. I figure that’s likely to make a lasting impression: “We realise there’s a lot to do when you start at a new job… so enjoy a break on us, and while you’re about it – check what other goodies the library has on offer to make your work a bit sweeter!”

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