The National Library is blogging

A number of New Zealand libraries are now using blogs to communicate with their users.  Most interesting, for me, was to see that the National Library now has not one but two blogs – a technology-focused blog (LibraryTechNZ) and Create Readers, which aims “to help create motivated and engaged young readers”. It looks as though both blogs will be updated regularly (both have multiple authors). The relationship between the blog, their authors and the library could be interesting: both state “the National Library accepts no liability for the content of this blog… but they wished us well” – which could be problematic given that the blogs are hosted on the National Library’s site: will readers really make the distinction between a named Library staffer, posting on an ‘unofficial’ blog, and the Library itself? The blogs do seem to have some clear guidelines in place, which should help.

Great to see NatLib staff in this area, though. In the TechNZ post I linked to above, Courtenay mentions going to a brief bloggers meeting at the LIANZA conference. I was there too, and there seemed to be a lot of interest in comparing ideas. Hopefully we’ll all be able to make something of it. We’ve made a start over at the LIANZA IT-SIG Wiki, with a list of blogs and a discussion of sorts (I know, a wiki isn’t really the best tool for such a discussion, but it will do for now). Anyone interested, please come and join us.

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1 Response to The National Library is blogging

  1. Hi Simon

    Thanks for the shout-out. I should reassure you that the relationship between the blog, the bloggers and the Library is going smoothly!

    The disclaimer is pretty standard practice – see the Auckland or Christchurch library blogs, or the Powerhouse Museum’s. The blogs are supported by the Library (metaphorically and technologically). The disclaimers are there to make it clear that these are staff member’s professional thoughts & opinion, rather than National Library statements.

    It’s really good to see this discussion happening – I hope the wiki page continues to grow …

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