Normal service resumed (also, why backups are good)

After taking what seems like a very long break, I’m back blogging. No real reason I was away – a combination of a temporary loss of interest/motivation, and doing other things. (Can I still say ‘life trumps blogging’, or is that passe?).   “Other things” includes traveling to Rarotonga for the wedding of some good friends, and continuing education  – two MLIS courses, meaning I’m studying half-time and working full-time; not conducive to blogging as well. The courses, if you’re interested: Advanced Reference Services and Competitive Intelligence.

Oh, and I’m an uncle which is pretty cool; my brother and his girlfriend have had a baby son: the first of that generation for either family.

The reason backups (and regular checks of your site) are good? Back in July, my webhost had a server crash, and some files became corrupt, including my blog (you can see where this is going….). As I haven’t been checking the blog, I was unaware of the crash. By the time I noticed, it was too late to retrieve the uncorrupted version, because their backups didn’t go back that far. I’m somewhat sad (I can re-import the really old posts from my Bloglines blog; I’m also hopeful that I can somehow grab the newer ones from a full-text version of the RSS feed; we shall see).

Coming soon: some long long posts giving my write up of the LIANZA conference (guaranteed Paula Ryan free! ;)).

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New Zealand librarian and music fan, living in London.
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4 Responses to Normal service resumed (also, why backups are good)

  1. You can certainly still say life trumps blogging. If that’s passe, then so is blogging…

  2. Brenda Chawner says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Simon:

    I’m a library student in Seattle, WA, USA and I really enjoy your posts! Ciao!

  4. I’ll have to ask you how competitive intelligence went some time. It looks like an interesting course. I’m going to try to keep taking MLIS papers once my MLIS is over, just for fun. Competitive intel would be on my list of things to take (after the Intranet Content Management paper, and the MIM web design one). As for Adv. Ref. Services, I found the core reference paper pretty painful to complete (those weekly assignments were so much work to do properly, yet seemed to be worth so few marks – it was a nightmare!) so I didn’t even consider doing the pro version!

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